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With the fantastic Internet tool, everybody can sell everything. You can buy cheap cigarettes, drugs without prescription, cars, etc.
You can buy also paintings.
There are 3 types of artists on the web:
- artists with a good marketing manager.
- artists with poor exposure, but that are real good artists.
- artists with background, and proven experience.
Artists with no background but with good marketing techniques are a majority on the web. Usually they ask a lot of money, for the eternal same copied Renoir landscapes or Monet "nymphea". They usually sold their artwork to the most important people in the world, their paintings are in all the most important private collections. This type of artist makes 90% of the presence of the Net-artists.
It is very easy to find out who they are by consulting an appraiser with little documentation or information. There are books in the commerce with average quotes for each artist. Usually they are mentioned in none of them. If they sold their paintings for $ 100,000.00 to movie Star A, or to the President of Incorporation B, or to private collector C, you donít think they will be inventoried somewhere?
We have everyday inquiries of believing amateurs for this type of artist.
We are helping them very fast, it takes a couple seconds to find out if an artist has or not a background.

There are exceptions to this rule, 8 % of the Net-artists.
These men and women, have a serious background, have usually years of artistic experience, but donít have the money to hire an art consultant that will bring them in the painters argus ( The bible of the painters, the Blue book of the cars ). They donít know how to find exposure, they canít afford the gallery costs.
Only a good art expert can help you in this case, to find out if the art is really worth it or not, this requires years of experience. Usually these artists are contemporary art experimenters, nothing to do with the nice postcard artists.
Finally 2% of the artists on the net, have a serious background, but they are bounded to galleries, which sells their art in exclusivity. Their protecting gallery will certainly display their art extensively on their own websites.
My advise: consult a serious art appraiser, usually they will give you the information about an artist free of charge.

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