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Who are the real authenticators?

You have a Picasso, with a certificate of Gallery A , famous gallery in Beverly Hills!
What is the value of that certificate of authenticity? Peanuts.
Here is a short list of experts for some major European artists, who are the unique authorized authenticators:
Picasso: Mrs. Maya Picasso and Palau Y Fabre for early works
Van Gogh: Comite Van Gogh
Degas: Mr. Brame & Mr. Lorenceau
Chagall:Comite Chagall,
Miro:Les Amis de Miro, and Mr. Jacques Dupin
Dali: Mr. Descharnes
Cezanne: Mr. Reff
Seurat : Mr. Philippe Brame
Sisley : Wildenstein Foundation
Gauguin : Wildenstein Foundation
Matisse : Mrs. Wanda de Guebriant
Malevitch : Mr. Andrei Nakov
Kandinsky : Mrs. Vivian Barnett
Nolde: Mr. Martin Urban
Leger: Comite Leger
Poliakoff: Archives Serge Poliakoff
Pissaro: Comite Pissaro
Modigliani: Mr. Christian Parisot
Boudin: Mr. Schmit
Picabia : Mrs. Olga Picabia
Utrillo: Mr. Fabris & Mr. Petrides
Pascin: Mr. Abel Rambert
Morisot: Mr. Yves Rouart
Valtat: Mr. Louis Andre Valtat
Foujita: Mrs. Sylvie Buisson
Toulouse-Lautrec: Mr. Brame
Turner: Mr. Martin Butlin
Van Dongen: Mr. Belier
Viera da Silva: Mr. Jaeger
Nattier: Mr. Baillio
Oguiss: Oguiss Myoko
Millet: Mr. Aubry or Mr. Lorenceau
Henri Martin: Mr. Cyrille Martin
Magritte:Mr. Isy Brachot
Georges Carrey: Mr. Arry Van Weyenbergh

This is a list of painters which their art is the most expensive in the world: mostly above 10 million $ records. We can’t display all the authenticators for almost 15.000 major artists.
This list doesn’t show the specialty for each artist, you may have like for painter A, an expert for his drawings, an expert for the lithos, an expert for the sculptures, an expert for the oil paintings made by Artist A.
There are many controversies in the authentication of an art work.
By example, there are 50 paintings which for over 200 years were considered as by the hand of the master, and which today even displayed in most famous museum in the world, are denied as authentic Rembrandt paintings.
Some of the authenticators, are the widow, the grand sons of the artists. This relationship to the artist can cause huge arguing when by example the painting was given by the artist to his lover…and of course the widow will have it difficult to recognize the authenticity! We had a case like that: 5 paintings by Oguiss, given by the famous Japanese master to his lover. It last 10 years before the case was settled and that we convinced the widow of the authenticity.
Some grand sons are the authenticators. Some of these experts are undisputable authenticators, but some of them are of course very fragile authenticators, sometimes their status depends on the patrimony they will legate to Museum “A”, makes sense of course.
When a Degas appears on Ebay, (and there are so many everyday coming from nowhere,) the expert receives in his mailbox, at least 500 letters each day with just a bad photo. Of course these inquiries will go right away to the garbage, or some of them will send you a letter asking a fee of $ 750.00 up to $ 2,500.00 only the take your letter in consideration! Of course without a detailed report of the painting scientifically made ( see authentication ) the file will end in the garbage can

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