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Online auctions : DANGER
We saw in 5 years all kind of certified art on Ebay and other auction on line organizations.
Fake paintings
Fake paintings with fake authentication documents
Fake paintings with authentic documents
Authentic paintings ( very very rare )
Authentic paintings with fake authentication documents
Where there are tons of money to make, there are 100,000 ways to find a way to take a part of the pie.
Is it possible to buy an authentic Picasso for $ 1,000.00 at an on line auction ?
My answer is: NO
Ask yourself if you had that painting, will you go on line and put it for sale on auction? Of course not.
Unfortunately we have customers who bought for 1,800,000.00 fake Picasso gouaches, drawings, oils. Some with the authentication documents by Maya Picasso, some with provenance papers from important European families, some with paperwork from galleries that exist only on the web, some from some very wealthy guys which sold their patrimony for peanuts, are these guys so dumb? My answer is NO they are not dumb, all the paperwork is fake of course.
It happens everyday.
Everyday Ebay displays 2,500 new paintings in auction!
A multi million $ business for some of these very wealthy business men that live in the Hamptons, which make people believe in impossible dreams. We know some of them making a million $ monthly, playing with the naivety of the average American, that even will put their house in warranty to buy this kind of junk.
Ebay gets out clean, they are not responsible for the sales of the vendors.
I still not understand after several years, how they can't be responsible when they know that many naive people losing the little they have to live the American Dream. Some people were thinking to commit suicide after finding out that all what they bought was worth peanuts.
Our advise: be careful when you buy on line:
-double check all the information given by a vendor,
-is it possible to buy for a few $ an artwork with a value of a lot of $
-check it out with an art expert, not an appraiser, they don't care about the authenticity,( they should, some of them do)
-an authentic item, you maybe can buy it for 75 or 80 % of the real value, but not for 5 % of the value.
-don't believe all the stories vendors tell you, double check
Where to invest? American 1900- 1930 artists, their quote grows everyday

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